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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 24I woke up the next morning with Keith's hard cock resting against my thigh.
He woke and started kissing me, while he started humping my leg. I slid
down on the bed and started sucking his cock. I loved running my fingers
through his long pubes as I sucked him. His balls were large low hangers
and that probably explained why he shot such huge loads of cum. He rolled
me on my stomach and got behind me, rubbing his hard cock against my hole.
I pushed back on him as he thrust his cock into my ass. He felt so good
inside me. He lay on top of me, massaging my back as he fucked me with long
strokes. He fucked me hard and fast, and shot his load into me. I hadn't
cum yet, so he had me roll over and he sucked my cock. It felt so good as
he sucked hard, and played with my balls. I shot my load and he swallowed
it. He lay beside me and we kissed. We got dressed and went to our
classes. As I was leaving I asked Keith if he wanted me to bring a friend
later to play with us. He said it would be cool.I would have been happy just being with Keith, but it was fun to bring in a
friend to play from time to time. When I was done with classes, I stopped
by my old floor in the dorm looking for one of my group of guys I used to
play with before Sunil made me stop, but no one was around. We used to hang
out in the cafeteria sometimes, but I was looking for now. I knew Larry was
around, but he was so in the closet that I only played with him when he came
around looking to play. I went back to our room, and looked at some porn on
my computer while I waited for Keith to come home. It was a warm day and I
saw some of the guys sunning themselves on the lawn behind the dorm. They
looked hot in their gym shorts and a smile. I decided to take a shower
before Keith got back from cute girls pre lolitas
classes, so I got undressed and wrapped a towel
around me and went to the showers. I started to soap myself up, lolitas calientes culitos chicas and this
guy from another floor came in and started to shower near me. He was
skinny and black. Very black. He was an exchange student from Africa. I
was introduced to him once but I couldn't pronounce his name. I
automatically started checking him out. He was lean and muscular, with dark
pubes and a lolitas calientes culitos chicas
long soft cock. We started talking, asking how school was
going, etc. He started chatting about his classes. I asked him why he
didn't shower on his floor. He said he liked the showers on our floor
better. I noticed that he was checking me out too. We smiled at each
other, and he asked if I would like him to soap me up. He said in his
country, guys would help clean each other and it was fine. He knew it
wasn't the custom here. I said yes I would like that. He came over to me
and soaped me up, and cleaned every inch of me. I couldn't help but to get
hard, and he seemed to really enjoy feeling me as much as I enjoyed him
touching me everywhere. He paid extra attention to my chest. As he played
with my soapy tits, I felt his long thick soapy cock slide between my legs
under my balls. I moaned and told him how good it felt. He told me he
found chubby guys very sexy, and had wanted to do this with me since he
first met me As he slid his cock in and out between my legs, we kissed
passionately. I told him I would love to feel him inside me, but he was
concerned he was too thick. I told him I'd had two in me at once so I
should be able to handle his. He had me lean against the shower wall and
he soaped my ass, and then his cock. He held my hips and gently entered my
waiting hole. He fucked me with long slow strokes, and when he saw I could
handle it, he slid all the way inside me. I watched on one of the mirrors
on the wall as his big black cock slid in and out of me. He started
thrusting harder and harder and shot a very large load in my ass. I could
feel it dripping out of me as soon as he pulled out. He kissed me again
and said it was fantastic.I got back to my room and got dressed. A short time later, Keith came back
from class and I told him about the African guy. He said he really wasn't
into black guys, but if I wanted to play with him it was fine with him. I
didn't tell Keith about the episode in the showers, but since he was OK
about me playing with him, I figured he wouldn't mind.I stood behind him and started massaging his neck and back. He had smooth
torso, considering he had a really hairy lower section. As I massaged his
neck, he took his shirt off and let me do some deep tissue massage I
learned. He lifted his arms and let me lick his hairy pits. He had been
out all day, and they smelled like sweat, but not ripe russian lolita 16 year enough to make me
faint. I worked down to his waist, and stopped at his belt. He took the
hint and dropped his pants and stepped out of ls loli non n them. I started to feel the
dark blond hair at the top of his buttocks, and slid my young teen lolita nymphets hands under his
boxers waistband and felt his hairy ass with my fingertips. I dropped to my
knees and started massaging his hairy legs and thighs. I pulled down his
boxers, and he stepped out of them. I just stared at his hairy ass. It was
one of the things that really excited me about him. He spread his legs,
letting me feel his hairy cheeks and crack with my fingertips and my
tongue. His ass was a little funky, but I didn't care. He bent over the
bed, and I parted his cheeks and took a deep whiff of his delicious ass. It
smelled of soap, sweat, and a bit of funk, and I loved it. He spread childtop 100 pthc lolita his
legs wider, as I licked his crack and found his hole. I tongued the outside
of it, then started pushing my tongue into him. He moaned as I started to
press into his ass and tongue him as far as I could. He had me get
undressed and we got on the bed. He lay on top of me, with his beautiful
ass in my face, and his mouth over my small cock. He sucked me as I ate his
ass. We both moaned and enjoyed our body contact, and each other's
intimacy. I ran my fingers along his hairy cheeks as my tongue slid in and
out of him. I played with his balls and cock as I plunged my tongue into
his ass over and over. As he sucked me, he was sending me over the edge. I
told him I was going to cum soon, and he locked his mouth on my cock and
sucked furiously, and I shot my load in his mouth. Before I could say or do
anything, he flipped himself around on top of me and spit out my cum in his
hand, and covered his cock with my cum. He lifted my legs and pressed his
hard cock against my asshole and slid his throbbing cock into me. I
trembled as he fucked me long and slow with his cum covered cock. I
intertwined my legs with his as he pumped his cock into me. He sucked my
tits as he fucked me, and I never felt so good. He was getting close so I
started squeezing my ass around his cock. He started shooting ropes of cum
into me. I felt each spurt of cum as it shot out of him. he put a towel
under me and watched his cum drip out of my ass. We kissed and lay lola bunny adult toons there
before we showered and went to dinner.We sat with our friends at dinner, and even Sunil came over, but he didn't
chat much. I thought our African friend would come over, but he sat with
the other black guys, and only said hi to me. I understood. He was keeping
up appearances. The guys treated Keith and I like we were an item, and they
teased us. Later in the room, Keith asked why I wanted him and also wanted
some of the other guys to play with us. I told him that I was very
attracted to him, and mainly wanted to be with him alone, but sometimes it
was fun to play with other guys too. He asked what I liked about him. I
told him I loved his body. His hairy legs and ass, and his cock was
perfect. He said that some guys were bigger and hairier than him. I told
him Sunil had a bigger cock, and a much hairier body, but I liked Keith's
attitudes more. I felt more loved and appreciated with him. I had more
affection with him. He said he felt the young lolicon gif galleries
same about me. I asked if he ever
wanted to have sex with other guys, and he said he did, and even played
around with some. I asked why he didn't bring any of them around. He said
they didn't like chubby guys. That hurt, but it wasn't his fault. Keith
said it was their loss. It wasn't the first time that happened to me, and I
knew it wouldn't be the last.
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